Donkey Quiz Game FAQs

What is “Donkey Quiz”?

  1. “Donkey Quiz” is a fun and interesting trivia quiz game where you can test your knowledge in different categories.
  2. Donkey Quiz gives you a platform to play with your friends and play against new people who have similar interests as you.

Why “Donkey” Quiz?

  1. A free Multiplayer game for the first time in which you can play with up to 5 or more random opponents in “Play Public” mode and can challenge any number of your friends / family in “Play Party” mode.
  2. Bet on your favorite category and challenge your friends or real-­time players for highest score and titles. The game will get you through different levels of difficulty.

How can I login to the game?

  1. If you want to play as a ‘Guest user’, just tap on ‘play’ button in home screen.
  2. You can also login through Facebook by clicking the Facebook icon.

Do I need to login from facebook?

  1. You can play as a ‘Guest user’, but we recommend you to login through Facebook so you can challenge your friends.
  2. You will get the added feature of checking your friends’ leaderboard also.

How can i start the game?

  1. Tap the ‘Play’ button on the homescreen to start the game
  2. The match-making screen will appear automatically with five random players.

What is “Bidding”?

  1. You can bid on your favorite category/ genre before game starts.
  2. The top three genre with the highest bid amount will be selected and the questions will be shown from selected categories

What is “Play Party”?

  1. In this mode, you can challenge your friends and family in “Donkey quiz”.
  2. It opens a new possibility to challenge your friends anytime and from anywhere.

How is “Play Party” work?

  1. The person who starts a party mode, will be considered as an admin of the party. Admin can send the party code and password to anyone via FB/Whatsapp/SMS or any other means. Anyone with the party code and password can join. Alternatively, you can also enable “Nearby” and find any parties that are live around you.
  2. Once all the participants have join, the admin can then start the party. If admin leaves the party, then player who joined in the 1st position will automatically become the admin of that party.
  3. Any player who wants to join the party after it has already started, but will start with the worst score of any of the playing participants.

How can I challenge my friends in “Donkey Quiz” (Play Party) ?

  1. If you are connected via Facebook then the “Play Party” button will let you find your Facebok friends and challenge them.
  2. You can challenge as many friends as you want to challenge.

What is Nearby?

  1. “Nearby” is feature which allow us to show a player who are online on “Donkey quiz” game within a ~10 metre range around you.
  2. Using Nearby feature from inside “Play Party” mode, you can play with your friends without being connected with them on Facebook.

How can i check my profile?

  1. Tap on the ‘profile’ picture on the homescreen to view your full profile.
  2. It can be open from any screen such as Main menu, Matchmaking screen, Bidding screen etc.

How can I check my achievements?

  1. Tap on the achievement’s button on the home page.
  2. You can also check your recent achievements by tapping on your profile picture on home screen

How prizes are distributed after result?

  • The prizes distribution in Donkey Quiz game is as follows:
    1. Winner get {Winner's bid amount}+ 50% x {Total bid in the game - Winner's bid amount} coins.
    2. 1st Runner up gets 30% of {Total bid amount - winner bid amount} coins.
    3. 2nd Runner up get 20% of {Total bid amount - winner bid amount} coins.

What is “Trophy”?

Trophies are distributed at the end of each round based on your rank. Leaderboard ranking is determined based on your “Trophy” count.

How can i change my profile picture and set my user name?

After installing the “Donkey Quiz” game user will be asked to set profile picture (user can choose profile picture from multiple images) and user name, although you can change your profile picture from “Settings” screen.

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